Jul 24, 2011

Jul 20, 2011

A change of scenery

Well it's official, we're moving to Montréal! Reid has been relocated for work so our little life here in Brisbane is about to be packed up and shipped overseas. I'm filled with so many mixed emotions and as exciting as it is to live in another country, I will miss my life here. My family, friends, newly purchased home and my little man Dexter (tears). We want so much to take our little monster along but it's a long way for a puppy to travel and getting back into Australia isn't easy for him with having to sit in quarantine for at least a month. A lot for a dog to go through. But he will be going to a happy home and staying with family.

So where do I start!? I have a few shoots coming up as well as many boxes to be filled and all must be complete in 3 weeks. So I think I'll be keeping Red Bull and the coffee shop downstairs in business for a while. Now I face the question and challenge of 'what to take'. I have spent the last couple hours staring into kitchen cupboards, my wardrobe and crockery cabinet and still my boxes remain empty. Not easy. But that's what life is all about. It's a new chapter I'm welcoming and looking forward to.

Jul 14, 2011

Eric Wolfinger

Just had a peek at Eric Wolfinger's folio (photographed the Tartine Bread book). Very nice!

Tartine Bread book

I think I need to go on a detox for the next month! I have eaten so much cake and chocolate coated strawberries over the last two days. Mum and dad spent all day yesterday slaving over the stove to make a perfect roast dinner and rather interesting (but very delicious) birthday cake. My little bro also surprised me with the Tartine bread book (from the bakery I visited in San Francisco) and I'm in love. This book is amazing - beautiful design, photography and mouth watering food recipes. When I'm brave enough I'll attempt one of them. For now though, I think I'm in need of some fresh fruit and salad.

Jul 2, 2011

Alice Gao

I came across these beautiful photos shot on film by New York City food and lifestyle photographer Alice Gao. With everything being shot on digital these days it's refreshing to see a photographer still using and passionate about film. Alice recently visited San Francisco as well and has some nice posts on her blog Lingered upon of her travels.

Kalle Gustafsson

More brilliant work by Kalle Gustafsson. Love the treatment on these images for the latest Hackett Essentially British campaign.

Jul 1, 2011

Lazy day treat

As I'm sure everybody knows, it's hard getting back into the swing of things after a holiday. I'm slowly getting there though and had the help of this little chocolate treat - brownies with brown sugar cream and 'Humphry Slocombe frosted almonds' which I picked up while in San Francisco. For those who don't have the luxury of having Humphry Slocombe around the corner I've included a recipe for frosted almonds which I'm sure aren't the same as Humphry's but the best way I know how in doing something similar.

Click on recipe images to enlarge