Nov 14, 2011

A little relish - Montréal!

And here it is! I'm very happy to finally be able to share with you the second issue of a little relish - Montréal. I really have fallen in love with this city and as I mention in the magazine, this issue is a personal encounter of my experiences so far and recipes inspired by meals I've enjoyed throughout the city. There are so many more restaurants and cafes yet to be explored and I look forward to doing so in my time here.

I really hope it does Montréal justice and inspires others to visit this amazing city.

And the winner of the Joe Beef and Premiere Moisson books and the spatula and wooden spoon from Les Touilleurs is (drum roll)........ Jen! Congratulations Jen, I hope you enjoy the little package I'm sending your way.


  1. Wow I am amazed! It's such a beautiful issue (and well your pictures are always great, anyway!)
    I happened to be at the Pikolo 2 weeks ago on saturday morning and I think I recognized you (thanks to your twitter pic, I guess!) I was *too shy* to say hi but as I see in this Little Relish issue we have a lot of fav places in common! I'm glad you enjoy living in Montreal as much as I do!

  2. Oh Chantelle!
    It is absolutely stunning and YES, I want to badly come visit Montreal now. I wish airfares weren't so pricey from Vancouver or I'd be there in a heartbeat.
    You should be so proud of your hard work. It's just wonderful!

  3. The new issue is just mind blowing! I can't believe how much of everything it takes to do every single thing by yourself. You are amazing woman, Chantelle!
    After grazing at the photos in this issue I've started thinking to visit Montreal next year while visiting states. Oh my, what a beauty!

    P.S. I was wondering what that black background, that you used to shoot ricotta and stuff, is?

  4. Chantelle, what a beautiful issue you have made! A great work you did here! Such a wonderful collection of places, food, people ond other. I have never been to Montreal but maybe one day...Cheers Susanne

  5. Holy moly, looks so amazing! Hope you're great, your photos are so spectacular!

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments :) I'm so happy you all like it! I'm so glad it has inspired others to visit as I really do love it here.

    And how funny Christelle that you were at Pikolo! I'm so shy myself so I know what it is like! You might have seen how nervous I was to be taking photos in there. I'm a bit like that. Funny. Maybe one day we will bump into each other again and we must say hi :)

  7. thank you for sharing your amazing magazine! i loved the first and i´m sure i´ll love this one too! i´m going to read it now.

    have a lovely week!

  8. Wow! Amazing job! You really hit this one out of the park! I'm totally voting for Montreal as the spot for my boyfriend and I's next vacation...

  9. This is such pro work. MAKE A BOOK. Please, I mean it. I wanted to buy it after viewing 4 pages.

  10. it looks just so beautiful! great great job! I love Montreal!I ll go there next week, my favorite cafe is La Esperanza;-)

  11. Hey Chantelle.
    Great job on the Montreal issue.
    Being from here, I was really curious to discover how you pictured Montreal.
    I am glad that I recognized a bunch of great places (flower shop on Bernard) and still discovered new ones.
    I especially like your photos and the background you use.
    Good luck with the next issue.

  12. Chantelle, I just discovered your blog and your magazine. Wow! I'm breathless. I've rarely seen such a beautiful tribute to Montreal. Being from Quebec City, Montreal is the place most of us here aspire to move to when we grow up - some of us do, some of us don't, but we all visit "the big sister city" frequently. I'm heading over there this weekend and I'm bringing your favorite places list with me. Again, amazingly good work and I can't wait for your next issue to come out.

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