Nov 25, 2011

Las Vegas

Happy Friday everybody. Only 1 month until Christmas - eek! Not long until the stockings and tree can go up. When Reid and I first lived overseas we used one of those fold up washing lines as our tree and strung tinsel over it. This time I'm determined to do something a little more exciting!

I thought I'd post a few pics from our trip to Vegas. As mentioned earlier we did a quad bike tour through the Valley of Fire which was so much fun and quite a contrast in landscape from the glittery lights of the Las Vegas strip.

Enjoy your Friday and I hope those in Aus wake to a nice sunny day x


  1. Allons t'acheter un VRAI sapin de Noël! ;-)

  2. Beautiful! Love the desert though have never been. Hope you have fun with the xmas deco! We have (crazy) already put ours up. Our 6yo made us do it. lol.

  3. Wow Chanie,

    How many Australians get to go to LA and see the sights as you and Reid have. There's more to LA other than gambling hey.

    Life is for learning and enjoying the things that you hold dearest to your heart.

    Where will you be going next, to places that people only dream about.

    Smiles 2 u always.
    Well done Chanie and Reid

    Luv 2 U always