Sep 30, 2011

Morning light

The last few days I've definitely noticed a change in the time the sun rises. I find I'm sitting in my running outfit longer waiting for some light so I don't have to go running in the dark. I better get used to that though with the Canadian winter approaching! This morning the light was really nice streaming through our window. Speaking of which, the glass could do with a clean :/

I'm on a hunt for some things to feature in a little relish today followed by a cooking class tonight, looking forward to it. I hope everyone is having a nice end to their week.


  1. This is beautiful, great shot! I hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. This kind of window reminds me of my holidays. It's so nice that you can see it every morning :) Gorgeous vintage style shot!

  3. I love this picture, love how you've captured the light :)